"Basics About the naz66.org Site

Where Did the Site Come From?

When we were planning the 60th birthday get together in 2004 at Edisto, I used my family website, www.angione.com,to help coordinate flights, rides, etc. We liked having a way to communicate online so we took up a collection at Edisto to get a site of our own.

Who Maintains It?

I (Pauline Angione) maintain it for the members of the class of 1966.  Yes, I used to work for high-tech companies. I also started an www.angione.com website for my family about 9 years ago and support that and about 5 or 6 others. No. I am no longer working.

The college knows about the site and is enthusiastic about it, but the site is ours, not an college supported entity.

How Do Things Get Posted?

You send me stuff--email me at pauline@naz66.org  or snail mail (below)and I post it.

How is it Paid For?

Anyone can access the site, but it does cost us about $220 a year to pay the hosting service and keep the name registered. So, if you can help, send $10.00 cash or check to me. Questions, click to left. Address?? See bottom of this page. I hang on to your contributions and use them to pay for the site as we go along.

Contacting Pauline:

Pauline V. Angione, 92 Main Street, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669-5005       pauline@naz66.org  207 963 2242