Group Shots from Donna Treat

From the Friday night gathering.

If I misspelled your maiden name, send me email pauline@naz1966.org and I will fix it. I wanted to get this up quickly and I didn't look you all up. And, as you can see, I gave up completely on married names. Hope that is OK for all of you. I will gradually fix it.

Row 1: Anne Costello, Camille Vestocco, Karen Moore Larimer, Caroline DellaPietra, Andrea Walker, Jeanne Gassser, Elaine Budnick, Karen Boggs.
Row 2: Terry Donnelly, Barb Englert, Kathy Saulding, Louise DeLaus, Gloria Forgione, Mary Ann Delplato, Gerry Zachary, Mary Ann Fackelman
Row 3: Pat Siedliecki, Dottie Zelinski, Sue Osinski, Anne McDonald, Gail Kinsky, Mary Jane Brooks, Pat Cooper, Joan McLauglin
Row 4: Pauline Angione, Kate Driscoll, Shirley Vanette, Diane Anderson, Anne Marie Paciolla, Judy Acton, Connie Perry, Margaret Tabak, Judy Kuntz

Row 1: Ginger Grealey, Alic Stack, Donna Eddy
Row 2: Carol Constantine, Eileen Wurz, Nancy Neary, Chris Schlosser, Marcia Grucza, Clair MacAdam, Suzanne Thomas
Row 3: Mary Ann Walsh, Kathie Spadoni, Cathy LaLonde, Eileen Smyntek, Peg Asip, Mary Ellen Foody, Nora Brennan
Row 4: Carol Lloyd, Mary Beth McIntyre, Dolores Hintz, Barb Olmstead, Linda Iacelli, Penny Zutes, Bunny Remick, Mary Kay Reed, Cathy Gibbons