The Class of 1966's Golden Flyers - Francesca, Darwin, Samuel and Heidi - are waiting to hear from you so one may visit your home city or tag along on your travels.  Precocious Francesca has already been to Italy and the Middle East and Darwin is on his way to Sicily. Samuel has been to Maine and went from there to Germany. Trips don't have to be to such exotic places.  Karen Larimer shared Francesca with her granddaughters at the Strong Museum of Play here in Rochester before the Golden Flyer went across the Atlantic with Camille.
To sign up to receive one of these flyers, email the Alumni Office at alumni@naz.edu/
To find out who's waiting for a flyer, access the following link.  You can call the Alumni Office for addresses.  
Or...just contact a classmate and ask her if she wants to be the next birdie photographer.  When you have your photo, upload it to the flyers' website.
For more details about the Golden Flyer competiton, go to www.flightoftheflyers.com.  If you open "Find a Flyer,"  you can see where a couple of them have been so far, including photos from Karen and Barb Olmstead Long.  Remember, there will be awards for greatest distance traveled and most creative photo.  Keep 'um coming.  Here are the most recent class standings.  We wowed them with our conga line at the last reunion, and I'm sure we can win this year's Golden Flyer competition!
Flyer Leaderboard as of 2/22/2011
  • 1966:     6,184 miles

  • 1981:   3,521 miles

  • 1971:    1,646 miles

  • 1991:    1,078 miles

  • 1976:    273 miles

  • 2006:    251 miles

  • 1961:    59 miles

  • 1986:     12 miles

  • 2001:    9 miles

Thanks... Cathy Butry