The  Friday Night Party... 

Next month you will be receiving the official Reunion Brochure complete with all the weekend's details and reservation form. Before it arrives we thought you might like a little more info about the Friday night plans and lodging....

The venue for our Friday night class party has changed. We will now be gathering in Colie's Cafe on campus. Despite the fact that it's located in the lower level of what was once the nun's infirmary (behind the former Motherhouse), it's a great space with a coffeehouse atmosphere and an outdoor patio. It is also located very close to the dorms where those who choose to stay on campus will be housed. The party will begin at 7:00 and will provide time for "just us" to relax and reminisce. We'll have wine, sodas, hors d'oeuvres, comfy seating and, with luck, a lovely June night.

After the class party the festivities will continue at a "Come As You Were" p.j. party in one of the new dorms. We're hoping that many of us (including the locals) will choose to stay on campus Friday night. We'll be housed together in suites. Each suite contains four separate rooms and 2 bathrooms, gathered around a living room/kitchen area. (Just like the old days!!) When we register we can specify desired suitemates or we can choose to have a random assignment. Because we plan to don pjs and gather in the dorm lounge that night we suggest that spouses/guests will be happier staying off campus, at least for Friday night. Spouses/guests who choose to stay on campus Saturday night will stay in your suite but in a separate room since all the rooms have single beds (even after 45 years some things never change!!). There will be a $40.00/person/night charge to stay on campus. Having said this we certainly don't want to discourage spouses/guests from attending. They are more than welcome to participate in the Saturday events on campus and to come to the Saturday night dinner.

Stay tuned for further updates...

Looking forward to seeing you,

Cathy LaLonde Butry and Karen Moore Larimer

lr 3/26/11 pva/ipj