A Message from Kathie Spadoni Jenkins & Elaine Budnik Laboski

Diane Anderson Furdell and I were talking on the phone yesterday--I told her that Elaine and I are gathering memories and stories of our times at Naz and from gatherings since graduation. Diane told me about the time of the big blackout (affected much of the eastern part of the country). Diane was at Naz and was walking in the tunnels by candlelight--she looked up to see Bishop Kearney walking along and singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon''.

So we ask our fellow classmates to give us their happy memories of Naz and their comical memories of Naz. We hope to make up a compilation for reunion .

If there are any programs or other written material still available, we would appreciate a copy .

It seems just about all the photos are on our class site (thanks to angel Pauline). If there are any photos still out there that we do not know about, it would be great to send them along to Pauline  at pauline@naz1966.org

 Elaine (Budnik) Laboski is at 22 Burwell Rd Rochester NY 14621  laboski3@yahoo.com
Kathie lives at 1288 Mile Square Rd Mendon NY 14506. kjenkin1@rochester.rr.com
Thanks to all.
Oh--Elaine and I saw Helen Miles on Mon. She is teaching in Denver CO--she looks and seems super.
Best to all--Elaine and Kathie (Spadoni) Jenkins. 

Our Class site: www.naz1866.org  
College Reunion site: click here.


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