45th Reunion--June 3-5, 2011


$$$$    REUNION 2011   $$$$

Hereís the promised pitch for money.  This time itís going to be a little different. 

In fund raising and in other ways we want to take the opportunity of our 45th reunion to launch a five-year celebration that culminates in our 50 year anniversary.  And, yes, as women in their late forties (I believe that most of us this year are forty- twenty-six) we are mature enough to face those numbers without flinching.

The class of í66 has since graduation contributed $325,255.00 to Nazareth College .  Nearly $90,000 of that has been given since 2006. We want to see how close we can come to half a million dollars by 2016. We want to give this cumulative 50-year gift in gratitude to Nazareth and in honor of each other Ė the remarkable women of the Class of í66.

Nazareth has agreed that any amount we donate, for whatever purpose, will count toward that goal.  They will update donation information on a monthly basis through this yearís reunion and on a quarterly basis after that. We will post that information on our class web page so we can all see how we are doing.

Admittedly, the goal is a stretch but based on our history we think it is doable.  The advantage of a five-year time span is that it allows us to plan our giving.  We cannot however wait five years to give. We will never get close to our goal if we donít start now to build and sustain momentum.

I know you will be generous.  You always are.  You will be hearing more from me soon.


P.S. from Pauline. If you are feeling inspired to give now, click here.


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