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This page is for news of books published by... US.  Send along your info, even a picture, and we will put it here!

First up, Mary Ann Fackelman:

From: Mary Ann Fackelman  [ mailto:mafackelman@frontiernet.net ]
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 9:47 PM

HI, all you ''66ers!


I'm contacting you at this point to let you know about a couple things I'm up to these days. I have had a business for a while, but am now engaging in it more fully, so am contacting people to "get the word out."

My business is called "Listen First."  In addition to initiatives in the area of spirituality, I do consulting, facilitation, long term planning, leadership development, training and group development, based on my experience at Eastman Kodak Co., the Borromeo Prayer  Center and the Catholic Diocese of Rochester's Office of Pastoral Planning.


The web site gives a lot more detail, including info about a presentation I do, entitled, " How Does My Spirituality Impact My Work"? and "What Do Values and Beliefs Have To Do with Leadership"?  The presentation entitled "The ABC's of Excellence"  treats the 26 (A to Z) elements  essential to any undertaking, business or ministerial (2 versions.)

If  you might be interested in any of this, or if you know someone who might have a need in any of these areas, please feel free to "spread the word."

PS -- I am almost ready to publish a book entitled "Do You Live the Way You Drive"?  (It could be sub-titled "Don't Look Now, But Your Spirituality is Showing"), but I guess I'll search out a different sub-title -- maybe "Who's Driving Your Bus?"  or " What's Driving You?" 


Mary Ann reports on Mar 31 that: "I'm very happy tonight cuz today I finished the book, "Do You Live the Way You Drive"?  I'm set with a publisher so should have something out there in a  couple months --can't believe it."

"My Web Site is www.listenfirst.info  Feel free to take a look.

Thanks for listening!