Christmas Toast 2009:

December 31, 2009

At the annual Christmas party at Mary Ann's, Eileen Wurz Hunter proposed a very moving toast to the members of our class.

Karen Moore Larimer  asked her to write it down so everyone could savor it.

  Nazareth College Class of '66*

"In the Fall of l962, we the class of "66, began our Nazareth experience.  We were an all women's Catholic college at a time when Mass and "study hours" were compulsory, "dress jeans" were 
unheard of, nuns wore habits, meals were served "family style", curfews were imposed, and 
students could be, and in fact were, "campused".

Who would have imagined that forty-seven years later, some of our closest and dearest friendships and the relationships begun that Fall, would continue to grow, becoming richer and more meaningful, and that some of our best times would yet be spent with others from that very class.

We were young together. It is a wonderful gift to be with those who share such sweet, funny,
quirky, ridiculous, and heart warning memories.

We are growing old together and the times now are made more precious by our shared history
and ever evolving traditions, one of which is this Christmas celebration.

May we continue to share our wit and intelligence, energy, creativity, and compassion with each
other and with this troubled world.  Merry Christmas!"

* by Eileen Wurz Hunter at the 2009 Class of '66 Christmas Party