Reunion Quilt

Karen Boggs and and Bernadette (Bunny) Remick Oberg made a quilt as a fund raiser for the Class of 1966. 

They donated the materials and their efforts to the Nazareth College Gift from the Class of 1966, raising over $1,200 with the raffle.

Thanks again to Bunnie and Karen for all of their work on the beautiful quilt.

QuiltFini.jpg (216753 bytes)

Winner: Donna Eddy Treat--herself a quilter so even more appreciative of their efforts.

She still has her Freshman beanie so we figure the quilt is in good hands!

bunnyinterviewsborder_ed.jpg (87650 bytes)

Karen and Bunny report that the quilt is now "auditioning" borders.

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bunnysandwiches700.jpg (67350 bytes)

Bunny using the long arm quilting machine to do the sandwich (top, batting, and bottom).


karenholds3700.jpg (61801 bytes)

Karen holds up 3 completed squares


bunnypiecing.jpg (52700 bytes)

Bunny doing the actual piecework for the top of the quilt.

The quilt is composed of 2 1/2 inch squares in a variety of purple and gold shades-10 different fabrics-all cotton.
It is a large twin or sofa throw-definitely for taking naps.

Karen tells us: "I have been quilting for 25 and still love it. Bunny started one year ago and she is an A+ quilter. We belong to a local group (8 ladies-we are not the youngest)."

The facts:

  • Karen and Bunny will be selling raffle tickets.

  • Tickets can only be purchased by women who have been members of the Class of 66.

  • Tickets are 1/$10 or 3/$25.

  • Tickets can be purchased either:

    • before the September reunion by mail with check made out to "Nazareth College of Rochester" --see below

    • at the 2006 September Reunion (Friday night party, Saturday luncheon-checks only).
      They prefer to sell tickets at the reunion.

  • Winning ticket will be drawn at the luncheon on Saturday Sept. 23

  • They will call or email the winner if she is not present

If you can't attend send checks. Use form below and we will mail you ticket receipts with numbers.

Karen Boggs
PO Box 82
Warnerville,New York  12187
Phone-518 234 7789

Bunny Remick Oberg
PO Box 88
Guilderland New York 12084 Phone 518 456 6568

Name(including maiden name) _________________________________________________