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Send along a current picture so that we can all spot you when you arrive in Rochester. Be a part of our rogues gallery.
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Then: WmShannonKaren.jpg (21588 bytes)  Now:  Msgr. William H. Shannon

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Camille Vestocco DelVecchio 

14 Sept 2006 Camille wrote: 

I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you. It has been such

a long time and we've all changed so I wanted to send you a recent photo so you'd be spared the embarrassment of not recognizing me.

The Rochester Poker Group.

The Friday Night Poker Group encourages all the 66er's to return to Rochester for the reunion.  Remember...whatever happens here, stays in here.

Around the table are Eileen Wurz Hunter, Nora Brennan Shannon, Pat Cooper Billies, Kathie Spadoni Jenkins, Cathy LaLonde Butry, Kate Driscoll, Camille Vistocco DelVecchio and Elaine Budnik Laboski.


JeanEffingerJost.jpg (60396 bytes)

Jeanne Effinger Jost and a few of her Summer school students.