Song Lyrics

  • Class Song
  • Alma Mater--1966 version. Newer ones have it "...We will always as thy sons and daughters..."

'66 Class Song

(To the tune of "The Happy Wanderer")

We the class of sixty-six, with spirit fond and true
March onward to great victory, in everything we do.

We're the class of sixty-six.
We've got pep we've got spirit that will never die
We will be on the top, in everything we do

Through the reception lines, and all our petty crimes
Still we're the class of sixty six, six, six.

Our alma mater she will be and so our best we'll give.
She'll always be our second home
As long as we shall live.

We're the class of 66
We've got pep
We've got spirit that will never die.
You know who we are.
We're the class of 66

Alma Mater, Circa 1966

Alma Mater, we salute thee
Alma Mater school we love
Make us worthy of thy lofty standards
And thy noble teachings prove

Cheer for Nazareth, College of fame
Chant her praises, great is her name
Raise her colors
Float them on high while singing
To the College we love

Alma Mater home of wisdom
Alma Mater shrine of truth
We will always as thy loyal daughters
Bless the mother of our youth