Banana Pudding
Breakfast Casserole
Ginger  Bars
Rice Salad
Tilapia w/ Ginger


Friday Mar 26, 2009

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The other recipes there are family or recent favorites. Feel free to try them. More coming.

Dinner Friday:

  • Rice Salad (via Mary Ellen Foody O'Leary)
  • Tilapia with Ginger Dressing (from Nancy Neary Long)
  • Ginger Bars Judy Kuntz Henry made a batch (or two or three) and brought them with her. They were wonderful.
  • Banana Pudding-a Southern favorite from a friend of Mary Ellen's who made a batch for us.

Saturday lunch: 

  • Bagged sandwich, cookie and carrots at the beach.

Saturday dinner:

  • S.C. BarBQ-pulled pork, cheese grits, etc. It was take out so no recipes.
  • Dessert was Mary Ellen's signature Ice Cream Pie--chocolate cookie crust, cookies and cream ice-cream piled high, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry!

Sunday Brunch

Sunday "Lunch"

  • Birthday cake with ice cream
  • Mimosas (Champagne and Orange Juice)

Sunday Dinner

  • I was gone by then but I think that people went out to a local restaurant, and/or ate leftovers--there were plenty.

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