Barb Olmstead Pictures

Barb sent these photos ages ago. I downloaded some also from those that she posted on www.ofoto.com


Please excuse me if I have misspelled your name. I will check them all another day.

For correct spelling go to: Arrivals and Departure page.

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Mary Ann DelPlato Corea

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Pat Cooper Billies

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Eillen Werz and Mary Ann Walsh Grattan are welcomed by Dottie Zielinski Lyndon and Pauilne Angione
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Pauline and Judy Conboy Acton

100_0150sm.jpg (109487 bytes) Nancy Long and Mary Beth McIntyre 100_0151sm.jpg (124777 bytes)
Joan McLaughlin and Mary K Schwonke Reid
more to come..    



2004 June 2 lr.