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People, Pictures & News of People

I am posting pictures that you send me off of this page--see the list to the left. Click on the link to go to a page of pictures from that person. In some cases, they have also posted high resolution pictures to commercial sites where you can download and print or have them printed.

Sandy's Cookbook & Deanna's Bag--the Ellie Bag

August 1, 2008 Cookbooks are here! Bags launch Aug 13. Grandparents take note!

News--Misc. Notes

I get notes from you all and figured this was a good place to put them to share. So click here to go to the news.

Pictures 2005

Picture Pages-June 8, 2004

At left are links to page of pictures that have been sent to me. Click to left or below to see pictures. NOTE these pages are BIG since they have so many picutres, so be patient while they load. If you are on a dial up connection they could take upwards of 2-3 minutes to load.

In all cases what you will see are "thumbnails" of the photos--smaller pictures to give you an idea what is there. Click on the thumbnail to go to a larger photo. How large depends on what was sent to me. See instructions on individual pages re what to do if you want to print pictures--in most cases they will not print well since you can use a much smaller resolution file on the web than you need for printing. In most cases, you should contact the person who took the picture to get the original.

Why Edisto?

Nancy Neary Long and Mary Ellen Foody O'Leary live in South Carolina and have invited us for a return engagement to Edisto Beach SC, the scene of the 50th birthday party. We'll use the O'Leary's beach house, as well as some nearby houses which are available to rent

Who's Coming to Edisto

Women who want to visit, reminisce, laugh, walk, and generally hangout for the weekend with a whole bunch of women they went to college with.

Contact Info for People Coming to Edisto This is info for all of us to stay in touch with one another. It also contains Arrival & Departure Information so that you can coordinate travel plans.

More re Arrivals & Departures information for those coming. Check and see if anyone is arriving/departing when you are.  Scroll to the top of the page to get the Contact Info for her. Contact her by email/phone--most prefer email--to see if you can share a ride/rental car, etc.

Room Assignments--drawn by lot on arrival.

Who Can't Come but Sends Greetings

If you can't come to Edisto we will miss you. Last time we spent a lot of time talking about and wondering how various folks who were not there were doing. 

Contact Info for People Not Coming to Edisto

Message Pages. These are messages from people our class or people we know.

If you cannot be with us at Edisto, but want to send an email to the group, send pictures, etc. email them to me, pauline@angione.com  I will put the messages up on this web page under your name--as time and sanity allow.  

Yes, if you ARE coming to Edisto and you want to send a message or pictures to put on this web site. you can too.

Feedback/Questions for the Webmistress? Click here.

Note from the WebMistress: A.K.A. Pauline Angione. If you have questions re local stuff, send them to me also. I will get answers from Mary Ellen and/or Nancy and post here so we all know



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