Pictures from Cathy LaLonde Butry

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Cake for us all.

Happy Birthday to us.JPG (705638 bytes)

Judy and Elaine display the cake

Cutcake680.jpg (53458 bytes)

Mary Ellen and Nancy cut the cake

Fruitanyone680.jpg (52986 bytes)

Cathy and Karen and a lot of fruit.

Bagging lunches.JPG (720027 bytes)

Elaine, Jeannie, Christine and Gerry make bag lunches

Girls and surf.JPG (735052 bytes)

Karen and Camille and the surf.

LePuy roomies.JPG (687668 bytes)

LePuy roommates: Ann, Eileen, Cathy, Karen

Barb O.JPG (708029 bytes)

Barb on the porch.

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Sunburned feet.JPG (727376 bytes)

Anonymous sunburned feet. 

sunset.jpg (694823 bytes)


Carol, Cathy, Mary Ann, Judy, Camille, Pat, Gerry, Linda, Barb, Eileen at B&B in Savannah on Monday.

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