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April 4, 2007
Hi Pauline
What a coincidence to hear from you this week.  We just spent 4 days on Edisto Beach right around the corner from Mary Ellen's and  I thought of everyone often.  We actually ate one night at the clubhouse in Fairfield which I think is where we had our first luncheon.  They are remodeling and it looks great.  The same shops are along Jungle, some with great local and Kenyan art - definately needs to be checked out by the group.  We absolutely need to rent bikes our next visit - the best way to see the island.
And, just a final note - the temperature was shirt sleeve and the skies clear as could be!  When we returned to Atlanta, it was 45 degrees - and the weatherman said it was snowing up north.  Sounds like we need to go back to Edisto next spring!!!
Hope everyone has a beautiful Easter no matter what the weather.  May the beauty of spring touch all of you VERY soon.
Will send off my $10 right away.
God Bless
Connie P.
  • Lake Champlain Visit 2005

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    Subject: Get Together

    Clair Aimi was nice enough to invite Bunny, Mary Ann, Judy and myself to visit with her at a rental cottage on Lake Champlain last week. Needless to say we enjoyed a weekend of fun, talk, laughter and good food, thanks to Chef Bruno. The cottage is on the NY side and has great views across the lake to Burlington and the green mountains beyond. Spectacular sunrises too.
    Thought you might like to post a picture or 2 on the Naz66 website, with our greetings to all.

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    all.jpg (143211 bytes)

    Judy, Barb, MaryAnn, Bunny, Clair

    LakeSunset.jpg (80116 bytes)

    Sunrise. Burlington and Green Mountains

    BunnyFackClairJudy.jpg (164620 bytes)

    Bunny, MaryAnn, Clair, Judy


  • Gerry's Son's Wedding 2005

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    Subject: My son's wedding

    Hi Pauline,

        My son, Clark, got married on Sept.24 to Mary Ann Buechel.  He drove our 1934 Duesenberg in the wedding. 

       It was a special and happy day for all of us and I just wanted to share a picture with the class for our website.




  • Sadie Ann had another Grandchild. 

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