Class Gift!!

All this talk about the class gift lead to some very creative thinking by several of our classmates.

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Each year Nazareth asks the anniversary classes to make a special effort to make a class gift. 

Final: 68% participation, $ 30,000.00
Our goal was 50%, $20,000.00

This number includes over $1,200 from the Quilt raffle at Kate's on Friday.

The folks in the Development Office at Nazareth are truly and rightly impressed with the spirit and generosity of the Class of '66.

If you did not get an online confirmation of your gift: 
Kate Driscoll writes 9/14: 
The "small" window of time during which the on-line donation system at Nazareth was NOT working turns out to be at least a month.  If you've made an ON-LINE donation during the last six weeks, PLEASE contact Lynn Mulvey, (lmulvey7@naz.edu, or 585.389.2414) to confirm that your donation "took".  The numbers they have on our class giving are , to say the least, skewed.

Or, as Camille put it:

A phychologist name Erik Erickson writes about the stages of life and how, as we approach the end (and letís not kid ourselves, we are not Ďmiddle aged) itís a good thing to experience what he calls ďgenerativityĒ, wanting to look to the generations who will come after us and help may the way smoother for them.

 Itís impossible to put a dollar value on what Nazareth has meant to me but by contributing something  I like to think that Iím helping to give someone else the friends and memories of a lifetime.  So, you see YOU GUYS are the reasons I donate.  The beat goes on and Iím in the band.

CLICK HERE to go to the Nazareth site to make a donation to the Class Gift.

  • If you haven't donated in the past, think about it for this year. Each gifts counts, no matter how small.
  • If you donated last year but just haven't gotten to it this year, PLEASE do so before Sept. 21.
  • If you have already donated this year you can make an "early" donation for next year (any time after July 1 but before Sept 21) and it will still count as a part of reunion giving. And you will be thanked in two separate annual reports over two different fiscal years.
  • Remember the matching gift option at some companies. With many of us retiring it this may be the last time you can get matching funds to stretch your gift.
  • Buy chances on the Quilt that Bunny and Karen are making. Save up your pin money and buy tickets at the get together Friday night. They are donating all of their time, materials and all your chance money to OUR Class Gift.

HOW do you make a gift?

  • Send your donation in the envelope that came with your recent letters from the college OR

  • Call Lynn Mulvey in the Nazareth Development Office, at 585 389-2414 or e-mail her at lmulvey7@naz.edu OR

  • Go to the Nazareth web site, www.naz.edu, then "Donating to Nazareth," then "Make a Gift," or click here to go there. The college takes Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

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Karen Boggs and and Bernadette (Bunny) Remick Oberg are making a quilt as a fund raiser for the Class of 1966. 

They are donating the materials and their efforts to the Nazareth College Gift from the Class of 1966. 

Buy a ticket and support the Class of 1966 class reunion gift.

Click here for contact information and an order form. You can buy tickets even if you can't attend the reunion.

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