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Look at what Karen and Bunny are doing!! Making us a quilt to raffle! For details, go to the quilt page.

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    Mar 31, 2006
    Prospect Harbor, Maine

    Welcome Classmate!
    You have been added to a mailing list for the members of the Class of 1966 of Nazareth College of Rochester. This is run by our class--via me, Pauline Angione. It is not a college activity. It is ours. Currently only members of the Class of 1966 can be on the list. We still have the website at: www.naz66.org but this is something more that allows everyone to post info. Your email address was gotten from the college and/or from one of the other members of the class. 

    Posting to the Site: 
    You can all post things to this list. Just send email to: 40threunion@naz66.org

    Be sure to add 40threunion@naz66.org as an email address in your Address Book/Contacts so that SPAM filters do not delete it!)

    When you get messages you will be able to see the sender's name and email as well as the list email. To reply to the sender ONLY, use your email software "Reply" function. To reply to the ENTIRE LIST, use your email software "Reply All" function.

    Remember, over 100 people are going to get the posting so please keep them short! 

    If you want to be on the mailing list and haven't heard from me yet, just send an email to: 40threunion@naz66.org
    It will be forwarded to me for "approval" and I will enroll you. 
    If you know of classmates who are not getting the email and want to please send me their email addresses or have them send mail to 40threunion@naz66.org.

    Archive of all previous postings is at:http://naz66.org/pipermail/40threunion_naz66.org/ (You will have to bookmark it/make it a favorite. There is no way to make it shorter!)

    Again, Welcome!

    P.S. Reunion is Fri-Sun Sept 22-24 in Rochester.


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