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June 19, 2007
19_stasia & Karens mom0001.jpg (583719 bytes)

 Stasia and Karen's Mom

April 29, 2007
group.jpg (1395162 bytes)

 The Group, it says in Karen's photo album.

Back: Cathy Gibbons, Elaine Tantillo, ??

Front: ??, Linda?, Carol?, Mary Ann Fackelman

April 4, 2007
GroupConnections300.jpg (1647253 bytes)

 Us! In the Group shot in Connections.

Feb 17, 2007
MariaGranddaughter.jpg (30902 bytes)

Maria Theresia Schnabl Dreier and her granddaughter Virginia. Thanks to Patty for the pictures...which I will return shortly!

Nov 10, 2006

 Mary Ann Fackelman and ?? on the beach in France??

Sept 13, 2006
17_SrThomasMarionGoodPoint.jpg (337763 bytes)

 Sr. Thomas Marion trying to get our attention.

Sept 4
16_CamilleOracleKneads.jpg (274596 bytes)

 Camille as Oracle. 'Twas ever thus!

Aug 29  
15_AlliceKathyElaineGoodTime.jpg (132439 bytes)

 Alice, Kathy, Elaine....looks like a good time...

Aug 22  
14_LePuyPicnicsee716.jpg (127757 bytes)  Le Puy Picnic:

Bunny Remick, Ann Carmody, Barb Olmstead, Clair McAdam, Julie Sullivan, Sue Farley, Judy Kuntz and Karen Baroness.

It is left as an exercise to the reader to get the right name, correctly spelled attached to the right person ;-)


Aug 15  
donnapaulinemariaCr.jpg (51202 bytes)

The Tri-Beta (Biology Honor Society) Conference. 
Donna Eddy, Pauline Angione, Maria Schnabl reported on their research. 

Pauline was able to report that she was unable to replicate the process she was using!  But it was fun cleaning out the fruit fly bottles with ether.

Aug 7  
12_BishopKearneyMaryBeth.jpg (306125 bytes)

Bishop Kearney at what appears to be a St. Patrick's Day festivities. Seems Mary Beth has caught his hat, but the real question is...will he give us an unplanned day off??

Aug 1  
11_DeansHour_EileenBarbJudy.jpg (281293 bytes)

Dean's Hour: the highlight of intellectual stimulation:  Eileen, Barb, Judy

July 26  
10_GlamorHavenDotSueMaryKay.jpg (267768 bytes)

Dorm style:

Dottie,Suzanne Thomas, and Mary Kay Schwonke


July 19  
9_art group1mb_600.jpg (71990 bytes)

The Senior Art Major Exhibit Poster

Back row: Sadieann Zogby, Mary Randall, Mary Jo Spencer, Liz Speno, Maureen McDonald Crumb, Judy Sheflin, Ann Costello

Front Row: Marleen Bowman, Dawn Donovan, Jane Schopfer

July 9  
8_PatBunnySherryEdit.jpg (148163 bytes)

??? A skit?

Identified as: Pat Curtis, Bunny Remick and Sharon McMillan

July 1  

7_SingingRehear.jpg (717945 bytes)

Christmas Caroling at the Motherhouse.  

Bunny, Judy, Karen, Ginger, Carolyn, Mary, Carol. 

June 26  
6_towners.jpg (294698 bytes)

The Towners. The flowered dresses are kind of hard to miss but check out those white gloves too!

June 18  
5_4th flr medaille.jpg (288169 bytes)

4th Floor Medaille

Front Row: Pat Murray, Barb Olmstead, Pat O'Connor, Karen Moore, Cathy LaLonde

Back Row: Liz Speno, Carol Kuhlberg, Maria Schnabl, RoseMarie Abendroth,

Mary Margaret Snider

June 11  
4_Singing in smoker.jpg (269775 bytes)  Singing in the smoker...

Karen, Judy, Jeanne, Judy, Mary Beth, Nancy? and..

June 4  
3_Nora and Jane1.jpg (100377 bytes) Nora and Jane at the Park.
May 28  

2_fackel and bunny_dup.jpg (129227 bytes)

 Mary Ann Fackleman and Bunny Remick..studying?
May 22--Picture 1  

1_kathy pat mary ann.jpg (128674 bytes)

Kathy, Pat, Mary Ann, Mary Ellen and ??

Another "Towners" performance.

On the bleachers??

lr 23 Dec 2007